tea shadow, light and reflection
New Exhibition
Tracing Times_updated
Gallery Simon, Seoul, KR
Seongnam Cube Art Museum, Seongnam, KR

Vapour Like Fire Light_updated
Gallery Purple Studio, Namyangju, KR

Shadow Casters
Gallery Simon, Seoul, KR

MAM Project 017: Lee Changwon
Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, JP
"Lee's icons are created with tea leaves, plastic stained glass, inverted portraits, and shadows which instantly disappear with light. These extremely delicate materials magnificently communicate the fragile nature of values and the transience of life itself. However, the unique weakness conveyed in his work also represents the possibilities of delivering boundless freedom. Released from the solidity of metal and the tragedy of drama, silhouettes undergo a resplendent transformation in a totally new world."

Text from the catalog -MAM PROJECT 017 LEE CHANGWON- at Mori Art Museum, by Natsumi Araki

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